Terms and Conditions

By placing a booking with Pride in Progress Dog Training, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions.

Training & Consultations

Please keep dogs on leads at all times in public places unless otherwise directed by your trainer. You are responsible for the behaviour and actions of your dog during training at all times and are required to clean up after your dog in public spaces.

If training in public spaces, please respect the personal space of other dogs and ensure you stand at an appropriate distance until your trainer advises the correct social introductions. You must follow instructions at all times- these may be given for your and your pet’s safety.

Equipment advised for use by Amy Barber, Pride in Progress Dog Training, is designed for dog use only and Pride in Progress Dog Training takes no responsibility for injury, loss or damages that may occur when equipment is in use. Equipment recommendations are designed to give you and your dog the best chance to succeed; for your information, we favour front-leading body harnesses or gentle-leading headcollars.

It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is fit and healthy to take part in training. Your dog must be fully vaccinated and not suffering from any infectious disease that could be transmitted to any other dogs. If in doubt about your dog’s health, please consult a veterinarian. Please inform your trainer before your training session if your dog has a health issue or if your bitch is in season. Depending on type of training and/or location, you may not be able to participate in sessions.

We use reward-based training; therefore, you agree to permit the use of treats and toys where appropriate and as required by your trainer. If your dog has a favourite treat or toy, please ensure you let your trainer know!

Harsh handling will not be allowed in accordance with the APDT Code of Practice. Your trainer reserves the right to request any persons to leave the premises or cease the session if they are abusive to any other person or dog. We do not allow prong or choke chain collars, prong collars, e-collars, spray collars, ultrasonic collars, vibrating correction collars, slip leads or extendable leads. We do not allow the use of pet corrector sprays during sessions. Every dog will require a short, regular lead for use during training sessions. If you would like any help with selecting equipment, please let your trainer know.

Family members are always welcome in classes and 1-2-1 training, however, all children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Bookings, Payments & Cancellations

Payment of fees should be made at the time of placing a booking via BACS or Stripe. Failure to make payment will result in the booking being cancelled.

Cancellations: If you are unable to keep the appointment scheduled, or any subsequent sessions confirmed via email or other means, notice via email or phone call to the details listed on your confirmation is required 48 hours prior to the appointment. The full cost will be charged for non-appearance or cancellation if less than 48 hours’ notice is given.

Transfers to alternative dates can be requested if more than 48 hours in advance and are subject to availability. Pride in Progress Dog Training is not obliged to ensure suitable alternatives are available nor can a guarantee be made.

All consultations/sessions will be subject to an additional mileage charge at £0.45ppm for travel further than a 5-mile radius from LE23UD. If Pride in Progress Dog Training agrees to travel outside of Leicestershire, an additional hourly fee of £25ph is chargeable when travel is more than 1 hour per visit.

Data Protection

The information on your booking form/client portal will only be used as a record of you and your dog, and to contact you in relation to dog training activities and will not be passed on to any third parties.

We send out an occasional email newsletter which we would encourage you to opt in to receiving to find out about future training. If you do not wish to receive this please unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending an email to amy@pipleicester.co.uk.

Photo Release

You give Pride in Progress Dog Training permission to publish in print, electronic, or video format the likeness or image of you and/or your dog. You release all claims against Pride in Progress Dog Training with respect to privacy rights, publicity rights, copyright ownership and publication, including any claim for compensation related to use of the materials.


The information and any treatment suggested consists of Amy Barber, Pride in Progress Dog Training’s personal views and are based on the information given by the client or person responsible for the animal(s) and or Pride in Progress Dog Training’s own conclusions, resulting from personally gained evidence of the animal and the related behavioural or training problem. These methods are based on the most modern, up-to-date and ethical training practices.

Treatment plans, for the most part, will not be successful overnight and require a good deal of consistency, practice and patience. Pride in Progress Dog Training can never guarantee results, as each pet is an individual, nor is it possible to foresee if another problem may arise as a result of the treatment. All programs are specific to your pet and should not be used with any other pet. As part of your dog’s training program, we may require advice from your vet and/or veterinary treatment. Pride in Progress Dog Training encourages clients to contact their veterinary surgeon prior to putting the actions into effect.

Whilst your trainer strives to avoid changes and/or cancellations, Pride in Progress Dog Training reserves the right to cancel or change an appointment at any time by notice with immediate effect, without cause. Your booked sessions will be rescheduled at the next available opportunity or a refund issued for any sessions missed if this is not possible.