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If you’ve seen the hit Channel 4 series, ‘Rescue Dogs To Super Dogs’, you will have watched trainers Jo-Rosie Haffenden and Nando Brown choose unloved rescue dogs and put them through stringent training in order to become assistance animals for vulnerable people.

As well as the series causing an overwhelming number of people wanting ‘helper’ dogs, it has also reignited huge interest in using abandoned and neglected dogs for the role, rather than selecting and training puppies. Rescue dogs are often perfect for this type of role; not only does a dog thrive when given jobs to do, but many dogs that end up in rescue are intelligent and energetic (often qualities we seek for a helper dog) and have landed in shelters due to incompatibility or inappropriate homes. The right dog in rescue can make the perfect partner.

It was from this amazing series that team #SuperDog was born!

“With many people not fitting the criteria for an assistance dog, certified SuperDogs trainers can help you train up your own dog or help you find a rescue dog to become a helper dog. Helper dogs can be the ultimate pets with benefits” Nando Brown

Having trained with Jo-Rosie Haffenden and Nando Brown, Amy is a certified #SuperDogs Instructor and has joined their skilled team of trainers, all dedicated to helping vulnerable people to gain the support and assistance that they need.

Whether you already have a pet dog that you would like assessed for suitability as an assistance dog or would like a rescue dog sourced, selected, assessed and trained; Amy can help you achieve a cherished, indispensable new member of your family.

Some of the tasks that Amy can help to train include:

  • Retrieving items such as a mobile phone, keys or clothing
  • Opening doors, cupboards and washing machines
  • Helping to remove items or clothing such as socks or coats
  • Disrupting body movements, for example during a Tourette’s tick
  • Laying or placing pressure on your body for comfort or calming (for example, during a panic attack)
  • Heel walking beside a wheelchair
  • Alerting to the doorbell

#SuperDogs training is life-changing and it is tailorable no matter what your needs are.

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